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1¡¢What is the difference between Induction motor and Universal motor?
Induction motor: induction motor, also known as "silent motor", that is, the rotor in a rotating magnetic field, under the effect of rotating magnetic field, to obtain a rotating torque, and thus the rotor rotation. The rotor is a rotating conductor, usually a squirrel cage. the sound is lower than the universal motor, no brush, the life is about 3-4 times Universal Motor, high costly! Universal motor: there is a need to replace the carbon brush, sound is high than the induction motor. The brush is usually made of electro chemical graphite brush (the same as the pencil core material). Motor power will be due to the degree of loss to decide, the loss more motor power will become weak slowly relative pressure will be reduced, but after the replacement of carbon brushes, power will restore as the new state machine! The cost is relatively low, and its weight is lighter than the induction motor!
2¡¢What is Auto-stop system?
After closing the high pressure gun, the overflow valve controls the motor to stop working, the machine is in a stop state.
3¡¢How long is the product life?
the life of universal motor can be reach 130 hours in the laboratory theory, the conversion of a married, if the car wash once a week, 30 minutes to calculate the car wash, the life of our machines can generally reach more than 3 years. Long words can be more than 5 years, according to the use of different conditions.
4¡¢What about the after sales service?
provide one year Warranty.